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About B2B Solutions Group

The 3 Pillars of Growth

1. Grow Internally by Consistently Adding New Members

  • Events​

  • Word of Mouth

  • Social Media

2. Grow by supporting members through advice and encouragement

  • Building relationships & trust (business & personal)

  • Importance of members presenting themselves and business

  • Familiarize and understand each others' businesses to make them an extension of "Your Business"

3. Grow through referrals & networking

  • 1 on 1 meetings:  CLB (coffee, lunch, beer)

  • Seminars to share industry expertise and invite clients, guests, prospects

  • Afterhours events to connect and socialize


Membership dues cover various costs, including administrative overhead, website maintenance, events, guest lunches, and marketing campaigns.

  • $30 per month


  • $300 if paid annually


Held twice per month

First Wednesday of the month:  11:30am - 1pm

  • Members Only

  • Attendance required by all members

  • 3 absences in a row w/o communication will result in termination of membership

  • 50% absence throughout year, Executive Committee reviews membership

Third Wednesday of the month:  11am - 1pm

  • Open to the public

  • Guests are encouraged

  • Seminar presentation on selected industry topic

  • See Calendar for details

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