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handshake business meeting

Expand your network

of B2B relationships

Trusted Peers

Meaningful Connections

Quality Referrals


Feeling isolated and disconnected from your local business community?

We understand the frustration of large networking organizations that can seem impersonal and leave you feeling like you’re just a number.

You shouldn’t have to feel lost in a crowd.

At B2B Solutions Group you’re a valued and respected member of a community of your peers because we’re small business owners, too, and we understand the challenges you’re facing.

Collective Wisdom

Benefit from our group’s cumulative decades of business experience

Actionable Insights

Learn the latest trends from our members representing numerous industries 

First Meeting is Free

Be our guest at a meeting to see if we’re a good fit for you.


How is B2B Solutions Group Different?

We strive to combine the best aspects of a large organization while maintaining a more intimate setting that fosters trust, collaboration, and referrals.

Think of us as a happy medium between a large referral networking group and a peer advisory organization.


Participation in more traditional institutions can leave many feeling overwhelmed by the time and membership fee requirements that can conflict with running your business.

You shouldn’t have to invest several hours per month and thousands of dollars per year to enjoy the benefits of a quality network of business peers dedicated to helping each other succeed.

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